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This mesh Wi-Fi system brings internet connectivity to every corner of your home at a startlingly low price.

A GOOD WI-FI connection at home is vital, whether you're working from home, remote schooling, or streaming Loki in 4K. A single router may be enough for some people, but others need a broader range to extend to every corner of the home and garden. Mesh Wi-Fi systems promise exactly that, combining a central router and several satellites or nodes to give you blanket Wi-Fi coverage everywhere.  Read More

Vilo’s three-router mesh Wi-Fi system covers your home for just $59

Vilo is a new mesh Wi-Fi company that promises a three-device system that covers up to 4,500 square feet for just $59. That’s much more affordable than the mesh Wi-Fi systems offered by more established brands like Eero, whose comparable system costs $199 for a three-pack. Vilo is also selling a single standalone router for $19, compared to $79 with Eero.  Read More

Want better WiFi for your entire house? This $60 system from startup Vilo delivers a strong, consistent signal for cheap

A year at home has made many of realize just how essential good WiFi is for work, entertainment and more. It also made many of us realize just how bad our signal really is. Now, a $60 mesh WiFi system from startup Vilo promises a strong, consistent signal in every room of your home. It sounds too good to be true because similar systems can cost up to 10 times as much.  Read More

Vilo makes getting a Wi-Fi mesh system affordable — and it’s actually good

The going rate for a reliable Wi-Fi system that blankets a house with a reliable internet connection can cost several hundred dollars, and sometimes more. If Vilo, which admittedly was a company we’d never heard of prior to this review, has its way, home Wi-Fi systems are about to get really cheap. Like $69.98 for a three-pack mesh Wi-Fi system. If you need more, you’re looking at $27.98 per unit.  Read More

This new Wi-Fi mesh router costs $20, and that's not a typo

You may not have heard of Vilo before, but barring any major issues, I think it's a name you'll be familiar with going forward. The company has just announced a new mesh Wi-Fi system — a boring subject, save one detail: The Vilo Mesh Wi-Fi System is a mere $20 per node (plus shipping) and $60 for a three-pack. It may not support the very latest Wi-Fi specifications, but that's a crazy price.  Read More

Vilo's $20-per-node mesh network: A hands-on report

Considering the almost-$600 price tag of my eero Pro 6 mesh networking system, I found it unlikely that the $59 Vilo system would be able to compete. For just a tenth of the cost, how could this 3-pack of mesh networking gear even stand a chance? Boy was I wrong.  Read More

Need a budget-friendly mesh network? The $59 Vilo is it.

Routers are pretty boring to write about, but every once in a while I’ll make an exception, as is the case with the new Vilo mesh Wi-Fi system. Why? Because it’s dirt cheap and stupidly simple to set up — and I mean that in the best way possible. Why? Because it’s dirt cheap and stupidly simple to set up — and I mean that in the best way possible.  Read More

Vilo’s mesh Wi-Fi router is dirt cheap ($20) and stupidly simple

I’m always wary of suggesting a mesh wifi solution to a friend or family member who needs better networking. Mesh wifi has improved my life significantly since moving to a house, so I feel responsible for leading others to take full advantage of their internet. But even an entry-level mesh device like the Eero 6 costs $280 for a starter pack of three, which is prohibitive for many people, especially those who might already struggle to pay for the broadband they need.  Read More

This Is the Cheapest Way to Get Good Mesh Wifi in Your Home

Mesh routers have arguably been the secret weapon for successful remote working and home-schooling over the past 18 months, but upgrading your network for maximum coverage has so far come at a price premium. Not so with Vilo, a new name in networking, and one betting that a lot more people would go mesh if they could get a three-pack for under sixty bucks.  Read More

This $60 mesh router is Vilo’s fix for home WiFi’s biggest headache

Vilo Living is coming out of the woodworks with its new mesh router system. Ringing up at just $20 a unit, it’s giving less affordable models quite the run for their money. No, seriously, just $20 a pop will score you some surprisingly reliable Wi-Fi coverage if leading reviews are to be believed. We’ll be diving into all the details below. So hit the jump to find out how this freakishly affordable system saves you stress and some serious cash.  Read More

Mesh Wi-Fi for $20 apiece? Yes, please: Meet the new Vilo mesh router system

Vilo’s new budget Wi-Fi wireless mesh network costs $70 for a pack of three wireless routers. Many competing systems cost hundreds more. So is there a catch? After testing it ourselves, we’d saw nothing that one more of these low-priced little routers couldn’t solve.  Read More

Vilo review: What do you expect from a $20 mesh router?

There's a classic moment in the beloved sitcom Arrested Development where Michael Bluth finds a paper bag in the freezer with the words, "Dead dove, Do not eat" written on it. Frowning, Michael takes the bag, no doubt left by his dove-clumsy magician brother, and takes a peek inside.  Read More